Buenos días; IMPRESIONANTE trato y servicio de esta EXQUISITA WEB, que con una atención completamente personalizada y al segundo, ha sabido resolver algunos problemillas con mi pedido, y encima me han aconsejado con absoluta amabilidad y franqueza por tlf. Da gusto encontrarse con profesionales así en el tumultuoso mar de internet. Envío en 24h reales, con seguimiento preciso, e incluso aviso por sms. ¡No se puede pedir más! Bueno sí: ¡que sigáis muchos años! Un placer. Ricardo.

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Shipping & Returns


V & C allow shipments in the following areas:

  1. Mainland Spain
  2. Balearic Islands
  3. Portugal
  4. France
  5. Germany
  6. Belgium
  7. Denmark
  8. Netherlands
  9. Luxembourg
  10. Austria
  11. Great Britain
  12. Italy
  13. Ireland
  14. Latvia
  15. Lithuania
  16. Poland
  17. Czech Republic
  18. Sweden
  19. Finland


Shipping costs by area are as follows:


Peninsular Spain and Portugal (48 hours) 

2 Kg. € 6.50
5 Kg. € 7.50
10 Kg. € 8.50
15 Kg. € 9.50
20 Kg. € 10.50


Balearic Islands (48 hours) 

2 Kg. € 11.80
4 Kg. € 16.52
6 kg € 20.06
8 kg € 23.06
10 Kg € 27.14
12 Kg € 30.68
14 Kg € 34.22
16 Kg € 37.76


France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg (3-4 days)

2 Kg. 12.99 €
5 Kg. 14.99 €
10 Kg. 19.99 €
15 Kg. 24.99 €
20 Kg. 27.90 €


Germany, Italy, UK, Austria (4-5 days)

2 Kg. 12.99 €
5 Kg. 14.99 €
10 Kg. 19.99 €
15 Kg. 24.99 €
20 Kg. 27.90 €


Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Denmark (4-5 days)

2 Kg. 23.78 €
 5 Kg. 28.05 €
10 Kg. 36.39 €
15 Kg. 41.74 €
20 Kg. 46.98 €


Shipping Schedule:

All orders made and confirmed during the day (up to 18 hours)   will be shipped by freight forwarderthe next day (if working weekday).   

Caviar shipments will be made only to Spain and Portugal on:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

In case of not being at home, the carrier will contact you to arrange a second delivery

Note: shipmentscaviar   made in insulated boxes with cold packs, with a duration exceeding the estimated travel. If you are not at home at the time of arrival of the carrier (up to 2 times), the order will be transferred to the nearest office of transport. Therefore, do not guarantee that the product is within the recommended temperature range (due to overtime in order to stay the delegation waiting to be collected)

Traditional Packaging and Cold:

To provide the best services, V & C   use insulated shipping on orders of Caviar.These packages consist of special boxes and plates isothermal cold packs, which ensure an optimum temperature than the duration of the trip. The housing and the batteries can be reused by you.

The remaining products will be sent in the relevant insurance packages.

Return Policy:

You can return or exchange any item   within a maximum of 7 days of receipt,  provided that the product is in perfect condition and detailing the reasons for his return. The customer will be responsible for transportation costs (round trip).

If you receive a product in poor or different requested   you can return or exchange it for another, as long as is evidenced in the delivery note of the poor condition of the product or the same mistake. In this case, costs borne by Vodka & Caviar.

The address to which returns are to be made is:

V & C
Avenida de las Atalayas High, No 5,
30110 Cabezo Torres (Murcia)