Buenos días; IMPRESIONANTE trato y servicio de esta EXQUISITA WEB, que con una atención completamente personalizada y al segundo, ha sabido resolver algunos problemillas con mi pedido, y encima me han aconsejado con absoluta amabilidad y franqueza por tlf. Da gusto encontrarse con profesionales así en el tumultuoso mar de internet. Envío en 24h reales, con seguimiento preciso, e incluso aviso por sms. ¡No se puede pedir más! Bueno sí: ¡que sigáis muchos años! Un placer. Ricardo.

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Special rates for hotels and large users:

V & C has special rates for hotels and large consumers. The main difference is the basic needs of the paragraph minimum per order and competitive prices.

Depending on the product (beverages, chocolate, caviar, etc.) vary the minimum number of units. To see prices still interested in our, please write to e-mail stating the device has the products and would know that


  1. If you are a manager of a local event (disco, bar, cafe, etc.)?
  2. If you hold an event (wedding, baptism, birthday themes, etc.) and want a unique accent?
  3. Is it professional in the hospitality and restaurant will differ from others?

We guarantee you the following benefits:

  1. Products have unique and difficult access to their competitors, creating a brand image and stands out from its competitors.
  2. Serving the best vodka does appeal to lovers of this drink, one of the most consumed in the world. Your customers will ensure that a premium vodka tried to remember the taste everywhere.
  3. Our caviar is not comparable with alternative materials that can be found in the supermarkets. Side dishes of exquisite caviar improve the taste fully satisfying its customers.
  4. A different and original product, the key element that will endure in the memory of a potential buyer. Having the best products provide a guaranteed success.

If you have questions or just need write and we will respond immediately with a minimum of.

V & C